Congrats to our 2021 conference winners!

Congratulations to all presenters at the 2021 LFS Graduate Student Conference. You’ve all delivered amazing presentations that captured the wide breadth of programs within LFS. Here are this year’s winners:

Poster Presentation Winners

1st Place: Kai von Kentzell, Investigation into owner-reported differences between foreign- and Canadian-sourced dogs

2nd Place: Erin Ryan, Humane pest control? Non-target interactions with a captive bolt trap for commensal rodents

3rdPplace: Linda Lu, Characterization and application of bacteriophages for biocontrol of Shiga toxin producing Escherchia coli


Oral Presentation Winners:

1st Place: Kathryn McLellan, Effects of free-choice pasture access on lameness recovery and behaviour in dairy cattle

2nd Place: Lexis H. Ly, Exploring the relationship between human social deprivation and animal surrender to shelters in British Columbia, Canada

3rd place: Anna Ratuski, Use of a get-away loft by lactating laboratory rats: Do rat moms need a break from their pups?


People’s Choice awards:

Sammy Blair  — Oral presentation, A narrative review of ‘school farms’ in British Columbia’s secondary schools and the connection of food literacy as an evolving framework for food education

Jessica C. S. Marques – Poster Presentation, Tail chalk improves estrous detection when using automated activity monitors