Poster Presentation Guidelines

Visual Guidelines

Posters should be readable by viewers three feet away. Use large print and shade or color block letters when possible.   A minimum font size of 28 point and a maximum of 600 words are recommended. The message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation.

Posters should be 36×48″, and in landscape layout.

For youtube tutorials on creating a poster in Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe InDesign see our Resources Page.

Poster Location

Prior to the conference, the organizers will email you with a number corresponding to your posterboard. If you need assistance finding the poster area or your specific poster location, please see the registration desk on the day of the conference. We recommend putting up your poster at 9:00 AM, as the conference begins. If you are unable to drop off your poster at this time please make alternate arrangement with the conference organizers. During the poster session you should be at your board at all times to answer questions from viewers. Pins and tape will be available at the registration desk.

Poster Printing

UBC IT has the capability to print wide-format poster, and is conveniently located in the basement of the Woodward Library. Posters can be billed directly to speedcharts. See the UBC IT Printing Services website for more details.

Alternatively, Xerox printing located in Wesbrook village provides a wide range of options for poster printing. If the purchase of your poster will be processed through a speed chart this is a great option as they provide on-campus delivery. Visit their website for more details.

Poster Competition Guidelines

Individuals in the Poster Competition will be allotted up to 3 minutes to present their poster to the judges. (For tips on how to present in three minutes, visit the Learning Centre or attend Three Minute Thesis (3MT) workshops). Judges will ask questions for approximately 3 minutes.