Oral Presentation Guidelines

All presentations should be 10-12 minutes long. Each presentation will be followed by a 3-5 minute question period mediated by the session chair. Practice ahead of time to make sure your talk is an appropriate length.

All session rooms will be equipped with a projector and laptop computer as well as a microphone, slide clicker, and laser pointer.

All presentations should be loaded onto Dropbox by 5pm on Wednesday, March 2nd. (instructions will be emailed individually to oral presenters the week of the conference). Please arrive at your designated room at least 10-15 minutes prior to your session.  

We also recommend that you bring your presentation on a Windows readable USB.

When building your presentation, use standard fonts (e.g., Times Roman, Helvetica, Arial, New Times Roman); basic fonts are included on the session room computers but if an unusual font is used it may not be readable.

  • Test your presentation on another computer to insure fonts are standard and components such as movies are included rather than merely linked in your presentation
  • Review these specifications when preparing your presentation